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Golem of Prague -- Opera at the Hipp POSTPONED

When: Sat Mar 28    
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Public details: Some of you know what a "Jess movie" is and have been exposed to one or more-- quirky, odd, often with a supernatural theme. We've got a new thing here folks! A "Jess opera"! Opera with an old-world supernatural theme! YAY! AND a WORLD PREMIERE!!! While Golems were not limited to Prague and were said to exist all over Central Europe, the Golem of Prague is perhaps the most famous. The mysterious tale of the Golem takes place in the dim tangle of lanes that once made up the now-defunct Jewish Quarter – today’s gentrified Josefov – essentially part of the Old Town. The tale goes that in the 16th century, the renowned Rabbi Löw, also known as the Maharal of Prague, was seeking a way to protect the local Jewish people from pogroms and the whim of unpredictable rulers up at Prague Castle. Endowed with the power to transform the four elements into living things, he moulded a superhuman from the mud of the Vltava – the Golem. To bring the Golem to life, Rabbi Löw had to insert a shem (a clay tablet bearing the name of God) into its mouth.
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