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MOVIE: The Lighthouse

When: Sat Nov 30    
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Public details: Two men isolated at a lighthouse in 1890 torment each other. Reviews are mixed though all say Willem Dafoe is terrific. "The two keepers are played by Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Dafoe is the elder, Thomas Wake, who jealousy guards the entrance to the top of the tower (only he is allowed to tend the light) and lords it over his junior, Ephraim Winslow. With a sea-faring man’s accent and verbiage and a costume that makes him look eerily like the Gorton’s Fisherman, Dafoe crafts an imperious and imposing character whose humanity emerges only when he has imbibed too much from his supply of spirits. Winslow, on the other hand, is tight-lipped and wild-eyed. He resents being treated like a subordinate and offers only hints about his past life, which included a stint with a logging company. As the initial indifference between the two blossoms into hatred, there’s a sense that violence is inevitable – until the two get drunk together and trade truths, laugh loudly, dance, and act like the best of friends. But when the day to depart arrives in concert with a violent storm that make it impossible for the relief boat to rescue them, Winslow’s tenuous grasp on reality slips. Although this may be the most impassioned performance Robert Pattinson has given to-date, Dafoe’s acting is a notch above. In effect, he has to play two roles – Wake as he is and Wake as Winslow sees him. Those two don’t always match and there are times when we’re not sure which we’re seeing. The movie is presented through Winslow’s eyes and the more his sanity deserts him, the less sure it is that what we’re seeing is reflective of reality. For example, that scaly tentacle up near the light – that’s not real…or is it?"
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