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Christmas Donation Drive Tea Party

When: Sun Nov 10    
Contact: Contact Form  
Public details: Hey Guys!

Christmas Help is Needed!

My roommate is a caseworker in town who works with many low income families who have babies and toddlers. As Christmas is approaching we need help putting together some items for families around town. Any donations and contributions are very helpful for the Christmas season!

Each year my roommate saves money to help the families with Christmas. This year a number of emergencies came up. I am trying to rally some troops in getting donations together. This way the Christmas help can continue.

Join me for tea and snacks for our Donation Tea Party!

The following items are still needed:

1. Toys or books for toddler aged children (ages 1 to 2.5). Books need to be quite sturdy (toddler tantrum proof).

2. NEW clothes for toddler aged children (ages 1 to 2.5)

3. Nonperishable holiday food items for the holiday dinner gift baskets given to families. This helps families who are struggling with some items for their holiday meal. Things like cranberry sauce, stuffing mixes, cookie mixes, canned green beans, the onion stuff that goes on top of them, cream of mushroom???, canned fruits, nuts, popcorn, applesauce. Anything that might go in a holiday meal or gift basket. You get the idea!

Thanks so much for all the help. See you at the tea party! If you cannot make it but would like to drop off a donation please call me at (352) 215-9056

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