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Peru trip for Machu Picchu!

Where: Cusco, Peru 
When: Sat May 9    
Contact: Contact Form  
Public details: Join me for a week in Cusco, Peru! I am booked at the MOAF Cusco Boutique Hotel on Santa Catalina Ancha 366-D-1 in Cusco, Peru from May 9, 2020, to May 16, 2020.

I recommend booking your accommodations on as early as possible before the rooms sell out. Summer season is quite popular and it is best to book ahead of time. You are responsible for booking your own accommodations, flights, day trips, and anything else you might desire.

There are various tours and day trips that can be made from Cusco: train to Machu Picchu, tour to Rainbow Mountain, exploring salt flats on Maras & Moray tour, villages of Sacred Valley, humantay lake and more.

Given the altitude of Cusco (about 11,000 feet) I may spend the first day or two only doing some light exloring with less activity to give my body time to acclimate. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have about the altitude, taking an emergency prescription of diamox along, or even just drinking the local coco tea.

If you are interested in exploring Lake Titicaca simply tag on a few extra days to the trip and a short train ride to Puno for some exploring of lakeside villages.

I am NOT a tour guide. I am just a girl inviting people along on a trip if they want to travel together. I am happy to help anyone with questions. As a courtesy I am also willing to meet up if you are computer challenged and need assistance with online booking. We can do it together so you don't end up at the wrong place, wrong flight, wrong bus, or wrong tour. I love empowering others to travel and am happy to do this.

Member details: Come for the fun!
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