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Aruba Beach Trip (4 nights!) (FULL)

Where: Palm Beach, Aruba 
When: Wed Aug 21    
Contact: Contact Form  
Public details: Hi everyone!

ABOUT ME I recently joined the club in December and I am coordinating an adventure club group trip to Aruba this year. I quit my job in 2016 and have been traveling extensively since then. I am currently up to 50 countries and territories that I have visited! I just started a facebook travel page if you are curious to see some of my recent travels. You can follow me at


This trip is a 5 day/4 night trip to the Palm Beach area of Aruba. We leave on Wednesday August 21st, 2019, and return on Sunday, August 25th, 2019.


We will be booking and splitting airbnb condos with multiple bedrooms on Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. At this time we are fully booked.

Once you are ready to commit please select yes so that I can coordinate booking condos as they need to be requested on airbnb website and approved by the host.

Once you select YES you will be responsible for your share of the condo being booked as the money is not refundable. By clicking YES on this reservation you agree to be personally responsible and liable to each condo team lead for your financial share of the condo reservation.

Emergencies often happen and for this reason I recommend everyone purchase the travel insurance with World Nomads for about $60.


I plan to take a 20 minute taxi ride from the airport to get to the condo. I may explore some of the other beaches on certain days and will use Arubus to get around. If you wish to rent a car from the airport you will need to explore this and do this on your own. Check with your credit card company if they provide any rental car insurance benefits. Check with others who may be willing to split the cost with you.

I am so excited for our beach trip of the year! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Member details: It will be HOT! Expect insanely hot tropical weather. Aruba is south of the main hurricane track. The last hurricane to hit the island as in 2007. I do not expect any storm issues; however, I recommend buying World Nomads Travel Insurance for any issues that may arise. There are no travel advisory warnings at this time from the State Department.
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