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Let the Right One In: Play

When: Wed Oct 10    
Contact: Contact Form  
Public details: “I live on blood. But I am not… that… can I come in?” Oskar, a lonely boy living with his mother on the edge of town, is bullied at school and longing for friendship. Eli, the young girl who moves in next door, never goes to school and rarely leaves home. These two youngsters, sensing in each other kindred spirits, become devoted friends. But when a spate of sinister killings rock the neighborhood, a shocking truth tests their young friendship-and love-beyond all imaginable limits. “Let the Right One In is a truly rare piece of theatre, an enchanting, brutal vampire myth and a coming-of-age love story.” – National Theatre of Scotland. “Let the Right One In will wring your heart while scaring the mortal stuffing out of you…both the bleakest and most compassionate of vampire stories.” – The New York Times. “A romance and a fairytale and a thriller and a chiller and a pretty thoughtful meditation on difference.” – The Guardian.
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