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Semi-Formal Crazy Croquet Caboodle

When: Sun Apr 15    
Contact: Contact Form  
Public details: Once upon a time, I hosted a Spring Fling, and casually mentioned that I was looking for one more croquet set... since then I have acquired several... four full sets in fact. So. Semi-formal means some form of costumery to give the partial impression of dressing up. I leave the style up to you, though the more outrageous the better. Men-- bow tie and dress shirt but shorts and flip flops perhaps? Perhaps you've got some flashy suspenders or a fedora you'd like to show off? Ladies: a feather boa perhaps? Flouncy dress? A T-shirt but a skirt with a train? Got a crazy corset? A colorful muu-muu? Be creative but comfortable. And note, we will be outside... dressy shoes not a good idea unless they're flats. Heels will spike into the lawn. There will be a refreshment tent.
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