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Happy Birthday Ed Wood Jr! Costume Party (Not Camping, CAMPY)

When: Sat Oct 7    
Contact: Contact Form  
Public details: Channel the Campy! Ed Wood Jr. is in the running for worst director ever, although he does have some heavy-duty competition... Anyway, his birthday is October 10. If you've ever seen an Ed Wood film, the sets fall apart, tombstones fall over, the space ships are pot lids glued together on string, and the acting is TERRIBLE. He recycled footage so you see the same scenes over and over and over... So, kids, if I get enough interest, I propose an Ed Wood party-- this means cheesy costumes, and the décor will be...Ed Wood style. YouTube has lots of footage to give you the idea. Will have Plan Nine From Outer Space, Night of the Ghouls, and Ed Wood running, if I can get some extra TVs.
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